SteamVR games with VRfree®

In order to be able to play SteamVR games with your VRfree® gloves:

  1. Please go to our Download Page and download the OpenVR plugin (zip file) at the end of the page.
  2. Unzip the file and install it.
  3. It will ask you to locate your Steam folder on your drive.

Once installed the VRfree OpenVR plugin will launch every time you start SteamVR. In order to run it, please press “Enable” in the respective window.

When you have enabled the VRfree gloves through the plugin and launched a SteamVR game, please go to the SteamVR window and press on the 3 menu bars. Then select “Devices” -> “Controller Settings”. A new menu window will appear. In this new menu window select “Show Old Binding UI”.

This will take you to the “Change bindings window”. Click on the controller that is currently selected (likely “Vive Controller” or “Oculus Touch”) and change the “Current controller” to “vrfree_glove”. For most games you should see a “Saved … configuration for vrfree_glove” created by Sensoryx. Click on “Activate” and you are ready to play. If there is no configuration file yet, try the legacy bindings, if those don’t have all the functionalities you need you can edit the current bindings from that same window. If you need help with assigning the correct bindings, please contact us via our info-address.

A few example videos of VR games below:

Half Life: Alyx

Important: Before starting Half-Life: Alyx from Steam make sure to do the following: 1) Remove the batteries from OculusTouch controllers / turn off your Vive Wands, 2) Switch on your VRfreeHeadmodule and your gloves, 3) Start SteamVR, 4) Make sure that you can see the VRfreeHeadmodule and the gloves in the SteamVR desktop display< 5) Now you can start Half-Life: Alyx from Steam and it will recognize both virtual hands from the very start.

Blade & Sorcery


I expect you to die

Space Pirates Trainer 

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