SteamVR games with VRfree®

In order to play SteamVR games with your VRfree® gloves for the first time, you need to follow these steps to prepare your PC:

  1. Please go to our Download Page and download the OpenVR plugin (zip file) at the end of the page.
  2. Unzip the file and install it.
  3. It will ask you to locate your Steam folder on your drive.

Once installed, the VRfree OpenVR plugin will launch every time you start SteamVR. In order to run it, please press "Enable" in the respective window.

When you have enabled the VRfree gloves through the plugin and launched a SteamVR game, please go to the SteamVR window and press on the 3 menu bars. Then select "Devices" -> "Controller Settings". A new menu window will appear. In this new menu window select "Show Old Binding UI".

This will take you to the "Change bindings window". Click on the controller that is currently selected (likely "Vive Controller" or "Oculus Touch") and change the "Current controller" to "vrfree_glove". For most games you should see a "Saved ... configuration for vrfree_glove" created by Sensoryx. Click on "Activate" and you are ready to play. If there is no configuration file yet, try the legacy bindings, if those don't have all the functionalities you need you can edit the current bindings from that same window. If you need help with assigning the correct bindings, please contact us via our info-address.

Important: Before starting any SteamVR game (like Half-Life: Alyx or Superhot) make sure to do the following:

  1. Remove the batteries from your OculusTouch controllers and turn off your Vive Wands.
  2. Switch on your VRfreeHeadmodule and your gloves.
  3. Start SteamVR (and Oculus Home).
  4. Make sure that you can see only the VRfreeHeadmodule and the VRfree gloves in the SteamVR desktop display and none of your controllers (not even in 'shaded' mode).
  5. Now you can start your SteamVR game (Half-Life: Alyx etc) from Steam and it will recognize both virtual hands from the very start.

Note: If you >don't< want to see the white dots that outline your VR hands you can disable them here: DisableDottedHands.

A few example videos of VR games below:


Just follow the steps outlined above under "Important".  


Simply use and activate the SteamVR bindings published by Sensoryx. They look like this. To grab a rotary knob first make a fist leaving only your index finger stretched out, then - when hovering over the knob - bend it in and you can turn it.


There are currently two options to use the VRfree gloves in DCS:

1. Via DCS' native integration of VRfree® accessible in the DCS settings:

  • ⊕ This option works with all DCS models
  • ⊕ It does have fully articulated fingers and you can freely move your hands around
  • ⊖ You will use the laserbeam and both hands' index finger trigger gesture to interact with the cockpit controls/switches (status quo June 2021). To use this option please continue reading here.

2. Via our OpenVRplugin which renders the virtual hands utilizing SteamVR:

  • ⊖ This option only works with some DCS models
  • ⊖ It does not have fully articulated fingers, but you can freely move your hands around
  • ⊕ You can use the index fingertips of both hands to interact with controls/switches instead of having to use the laser beams which we deem more immersive and realistic (status quo June 2021). To use this option please continue reading here.

You will of course be able to use your HOTAS with both options above. 

The above comments reflect the status quo of 29. June 2021. From what we know ED is continuing the integration of hand/finger interaction and we will try to always reflect the latest state of that WIP here. 

Also please note: the last working firmware version compatible with DCS of the gloves is v1.4 i0.3. Please consider this when reflashing your gloves. We will update you on future firmware version compatibility with DCS on this page.

Prepar3D4 Video Demo Link (coming soon) 


You can use the VRfree® gloves with full dexterity in P3D4 via a special Flyinside plugin which needs to purchased from the Flyinside website. More infos to follow soon.


Just follow the steps outlined above under "Important".  


Just follow the steps outlined above under "Important".  


Just follow the steps outlined above under "Important".  


Go to the SteamVR bindings menu as outlined about and use the published VRfree bindings for IEYTD. Before starting the game make sure to switch off / take out the batteries from both your Oculus controllers (switch off the Vive wands). When starting the game you are presented with the selection screen. Here you just pull the trigger with your right hand and keep it pulled until the blue circle completes. Then you are made familiar with the controls ie lean left, right. To push the radio button, move the hand until the button lights up and then make a trigger gesture (as you would with the Touch Controllers). It's actually quite fun to play with the gloves as picking up and throwing is much more intuitive...

The ‘telekinesis’ is tricky even with the controllers. With the gloves turn your left hand until you see your palm, this way the Vive trackpad will appear including the buttons above and below it. This virtual trackpad controls the telekinesis ‘beam’. In order to grab sth far away, point your left hand to it (white circle), then make a grab and then a trigger gesture. This will make you grab the object. You then have to swipe over the trackpad into the direction you want the object to move. If you want it to hover somewhere, move your right index finger over the button above the track pad. That will fixate the object in mid air.

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