• VRfree glove system


    The VRfree® gloves by Sensoryx are made up of high-quality electronic components offering you the highest possible freedom of movement as well as high precision. It is currently the only mobile system with integrated 3D hand- and finger tracking offering you motion capturing beyond your field of view, no visible latency, millimeter scale precision, multi-user capability and broad compatibility.

    It consists of a pair of lightweight, fingertipless gloves and a headmodule that you mount onto your headset (Oculus, HTC Vive, Valve Index, MS Mixed Reality, Samsung Odyssey, GearVR, Daydream or similar).

    The package contains: 1 pair of VRfree gloves, 1 headmodule, rechargeable batteries, 1 adaptor and 1 connector cable for headset, charging cables.

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    With our patented, mobile system of complementary sensors that are controlled by proprietary algorithms we give VR users their hands back. It is our vision to allow VR/AR fans to intuitively and naturally interact with the virtual world, with the best input devices nature has to offer: your own hands and ultimately – your full body – for the most immersive VR training- or gaming experience ever.