VRfree Sole

Our VRfree® pressure sole features high spatial resolution 1 per cm2 and is already utilized in clinical and sports studies:

    • High resolution sensor map (49 sensitive points) provide objective in-shoe dynamic pressure, force and timing information.
    • Highly sensitive and wide-range pressure detection.
    • It differentiates between sitting, standing, walking and climbing stairs in real-time, with an accuracy of 99%.
    • Data is transferred real-time wirelessly to our VRfree® headmount that is also capable of tracking the hands through our VRfree gloves.
    • Data can be transmitted to a smartphone or a PC.
    • Low-power implementation allows for run-times exceeding 14 hours
    • In a multi-system setup the systems can be synchronized with a node-to-node offset in the order of 10 microseconds.
    • The pressure can be sampled at a maximum of 120Hz, the inertial data is available at a rate of 200 kbps.

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