VRfree Object Tracker – Omni directional

Always wanted to track objects not just with your Vive but also with your Oculus, WMR and Hololens2 system? - Now you can, with our ODOT-1!

This Tracker was designed for optimal visibility by the headmodule: with 4 ultrasound- and  4 LED emitters it is always detectable even during fast movements.    

The VRfree® object trackers complement and scale your VRfree® hand tracking system. Add multiple trackers to your existing system to track whatever moving or stationary objects you want to include in your VR environment! Include other a real life object to interact with, track body parts or a dummy weapon - the options are manifold. 

Just as with our base system our omni-directional tracker is made up of high-quality electronic components offering you high 3D positional fidelity, full degrees of freedom, out-of-sight use and high precision – all in a small (5 x 5 x 5 cm3) lightweight form factor with more than 5h battery life.

Our object tracker was presented at I/ITSEC 2019 and CES 2020 and is now available upon request! 

Demovideo - Using multiple trackers simultaneously

Demovideo - Track a moving object with the ODOT-1

The VRfree® ODOT-1 Object Tracker

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