VRfree® Stylus


The VRfree® Stylus by Sensoryx is made up of high-quality electronic components offering you creative 6-degrees-of-freedom, submillimeter accuracy/precision with 7 hours of work per battery charge and an extremely light pen-like formfactor. Create, modify and interact with your VR creations in 3D using Autodesk Maya as well as SteamVR apps.

The Stylus can be used with all tethered VR headsets (PC-based, non-Android) such Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest 1 & 2 in Link mode, Vive, VivePro, Varjo, Windows Mixed Reality Headsets.

The Stylus ties into and complements our existing VRfree device platform: it communicates wirelessly with the VRfree® headmodule transmitting your actions to the PC in real-time. In contrast to conventional controllers its pen-like design reduces weight-load, allows more natural handling and gives you higher precision. If you already own a 2nd generation VRfree® headmodule then all you need is just the Stylus!

The basic Stylus package contains: 1 VRfree Stylus, 1 VRfree headmodule, 1 rechargeable battery for the headmodule, 1 adaptor and 1 connector cable for headset, charging cables, calibration adapter. The Stylus battery is built-in and cannot be removed.

Demonstration of the VRfree® Stylus prototype

Accuracy/Precision of VRfree Stylus

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