VRfree® Single-directional Object tracker


Track real objects and bring them into your simulation!

Our VRfree Object trackers complement and scale your VRfree® tracking system. Add multiple trackers to your existing VRfree system to track whatever moving or stationary objects you want to include in your VR environment! Include other body parts in your simulation, track a dummy weapon or technical object to interact with! It works with all VR headsets but you’ll need dedicated VR apps based on our Unity or Unreal SDK.

Our single-directional object tracker offers you 3D positional fidelity for objects that do not get rotated more than 90° in every direction – all in a small (5 x 5 x 5 cm3) lightweight form factor with more than 5h battery life.

Demonstration of our VRfree® Object tracker for tracking a keyboard


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