VRfree glove system – Consumer version


Our VRfree® system for consumers consists of a pair of lightweight, comfortable gloves and a headmodule that you attach to your VR-headset (Oculus Rift/Quest, HTC Vive/Pro/Focus, Valve Index, HP Reverb, WMR, Samsung Odyssey, Pimax etc). Please note that this version is for consumers only and not for business/commercial use. To order the business version please select the respective option here.

The system is composed of 6 different sensor types that are fully integrated into the VRfree® gloves and the headmodule. It allows you to fully track your hands and fingers in 3D space – without any other 3rd party tracking device. 

Inventory: Glove of all sizes are currently in stock and will be shipped within 48 hours.
To assess the correct glove size for you please click here.

Key technical features comprise low latency localization (<30ms) from hand to HMD, truly mobile operation, high pin-point accuracy, unobtrusive lightweight form factor, tracking hands beyond your field of view, multi-user capability and long battery life. All of which makes for superior immersion of you, the user.

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