VRfree glove system – Business version


Our VRfree® system package for business and commercial use consists of

  • a pair of lightweight, comfortable gloves (available in 4 sizes)
  • a pair of wristmodules and
  • a headmodule that is mounted onto the VR headset (all Oculus, all HTCs, Varjo, Valve Index, HP Reverb, WMR, Samsung Odyssey, Pimax etc) 
  • 2 rechargeable batteries and all relevant cables.
  • all relevant SDKs, dlls and SteamVR interface
  • the first year's license fee [CHF200]
  • one support hour
  • shipping 

Taxes and duties are not included. Additional support hours and additional warranty are available. Each module of the system can also be bought individually (if interested, please contact us). 

The system is composed of 6 different sensor types that are fully integrated into the gloves and the HMD mount. It allows you to fully track your hands and fingers in 3D space – without any other 3rd party tracking device. 

Inventory: Business gloves are currently still in stock.
To assess the correct glove size for you please click here.


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