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VRfree® Teaser: Gun Shooting

The VRfree glove let's you use your hands, fingers, and soon your whole body intuitively in VR/AR. Thanks to our autonomous gloves which have their own 3D positioning system you can grab, throw and interact with objects like in the real world. And you can do it in a mobile fashion - without needing the Oculus or HTC stationary cameras/laser beacons. Use VRfree with most available HMDs - especially with mobile ones!


With the full, fast and accurate representation of your bodily movements in VR, the VRfree system allows you to simulate all kinds of experiences - from sports like boxing to operating a plane or training surgical procedures. Use your hands, fingers and soon your full body to interact with the virtual world! Immerse. Yourself. VRfree.

VRFREE® TEASER: Collaboration

VRfree is a scalable system supporting up to 8 users utilizing systems simultaneously in one area. VRfree also supports object tracking: if you need a user to employ a specific kind of tool in the simulation simply mount a tracker to it and include it in your VR environment.

VRFREE® TEASER: Playing Piano

VRfree® offers millimeter precision of the 3D-positioning of the hands. The fingers are tracked with almost full degrees of freedom capturing even very fine motor skills and high dexterity movements.

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