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VRfree X-Plane development

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    This Forum will serve as a mirror of the VRfree X-Plane Facebook group for those who are not FB users. The forum’s goal is to collect your suggestions for X-plane integration. We want to work closely together with power X-plane users to unleash the full potential of VRfree and x-plane.

    You will receive early alpha- and beta-versions of our X-plane plugins and we encourage you to test it and provide feedback.


    Hello there, just received my gloves from an early Indiegogo subscription. I have signed up on the Facebook group but prefer these forums. A few questions: FIRST: the STM_Com_Port driver download: if I read correctly, the contents of this download refer only to older Windows versions, there is nothing in there for a Windows 10 set up. Is this correct ? I saw a note somewhere that said for Windows 10 to use “in box” drivers, which I assume are those that Windows provides once the device is plugged into USB. When I plug in the Head Tracking Unit it does open up a port, says nothing about STM, but the unit does seem to function well through the Setup and Demo routines. Am I missing anything here ? SECOND: once through all the Setup and Demo activities, how exactly do I proceed ? Windows 10 system, Vive Pro, Steam VR, and the X-Plane flight simulator… how exactly do I use the gloves in the flight simulator ? THIRD: I believe that a short USB-C to USB-C cable will allow me to hook up the Head Tracking Unit to the “hidden” USB port in the Vive Pro and not have to use the supplied long USB cord plugged directly into the computer ?

    Thanks, really looking forward to using this product in X Plane, and hopefully eventually DCS World and IL-2 Sturmovik… I am sure others out there are itching for P3D and other sims ! Thanks again, Terry


    Hello Terry

    Thank you for your questions:
    1. STM driver: you are not missing anything – you are right, there is currently no dedicated Win10 driver by STM, but the Win8 one works fine.
    2. Short-USB-C cable: you’re absolutely right, you can connect the headmount directly to the Vive with the short cable.
    3. Flight simulator use: please see our next post below!

    Best regards,
    Team Sensoryx


    Hello X-plane enthusiasts,

    We just wanted to provide you with an update and let you know that we were hard at work on the X-plane integration. Thank you for your continued support and patience.
    We now have a >>target date of Friday 22nd March 2019<< to make available an Alpha Version and Installer for this integration. We will keep you updated and let you know how we are progressing against this target date.
    Thank you!
    Team Sensoryx


    Dear Backers,

    As promised, we’re releasing the OpenVR plugin today. You can download it here. Unpack the zip file and run setup.exe. During the setup, make sure to point the installer to the correct Steam installation path!

    The plugin will make you able to see your hands in any SteamVR game. There is also a virtual touch interface that provides the touchpad, menu, and system buttons that are on the Vive wands. You can calibrate the hand pose at any time by looking up at the calibrate sign, just like in the VRfree Setup and Demo.

    Best regards,
    Team Sensoryx

    – Will this work with game […]?

    This is still an early version of the plugin, and we couldn’t test it with too many games yet, but give it a try and tell us how it went!

    – I’ve installed the plugin, but nothing changed when I start SteamVR.

    Make sure you entered the correct Steam path during the installation. check if there’s a folder “sensoryx” in “\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers”.

    – I’m in the game and see my hands, but can’t interact with anything.

    You’ll have to bind the VRfree controller actions to the game. Check out this guide from Valve on how to do this.

    David Blaen

    I had the same windows error as reported elsewhere when I ran the plug in.
    A couple of folders were created in Steam
    …. Steam\config\sensoryx empty
    …..Steam\steamapps\common\steamVR\drivers\sensoryx few empty sub folders

    Is there a log file created I can send you?
    Best wishes


    Hello David
    Thanks for your feedback.
    We believe the error you encountered may be due to some missing .net files.
    We have uploaded an alternative zip-file plus .exe here: OpenVR_VRfreeinstaller.
    Once downloaded and extracted, can you run the setup.exe and then – once finished – run the file: ..\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers\sensoryx\adddriver.bat

    That should fix the problem, avoid the error message and install the plugin.
    Please let us know if that worked for you!
    Many thanks in advance,
    Team Sensoryx

    David Blaen

    OK, that all ran with no reported errors.
    Let you know how I get on remapping controls to the gloves



    Excellent. Yes, please let us know how you get on, David.
    Best, Team Sensoryx

    David Blaen

    Making some progress here:-)
    I now have moving VRfree hands working in Steam! Some more calibration needed – some of the axes are a bit off.
    There is also a stutter in the movement, maybe about 20Hz ? How often does the VRfree system read the position?
    The T and G scales are different for L+R glove, R glove never gets above about 70% although that is sometimes enough to trigger the action.
    L glove does go to almost 100% , but often fails to register – (I am trying to select the laser pointers in the Steam interface here)
    Binding the actions is ….. interesting. Working on it ….


    Wouter Wienk


    Has anyone already a binding file? I can see my hands in P3Dv4 but I have no movement.
    Can Sensoryx help with making a binding file for flight simulator? I read the manual on Steam, but I find it difficult.
    Actions: turning (left/right) with thumb and indexfinger
    Horizontal push with indexfinger
    Push vertical with thumb (PTT)
    Movement with thumb (trim in airliners on the yoke)
    Index finger vertical push (circuit breakers)
    Grab with open fist for movement throttle levers etc

    For left and right hand it is the same.

    David Blaen

    Afraid progress has slowed to a halt.
    Calibration of hand position and tracking in Steam VR home is proving impossible to get stable. I currently have one non responsive hand and one with a mind of its own.
    Repeated hardware and software calibration gives no improvement. Stable tracking lights on the gloves, green controllers in the steam VR devices box
    Went back to the VRfree demo which now hangs up after placing the 3 balls – before the lever appears. Last time I got beyond that the hands were behind my head and unresponsive.
    Happy to try any suggestions , but I think I might just put them back in the box until some better drivers come out. 🙁

    Wouter – are all those actions recognised by the VRFree gloves , or is that a wish list?



    Hi David –
    Sorry about this. It really shouldnt be this frustrating!
    I suggest we connect via Skype and we run a number of checks together
    1) make sure the hardware works fine
    2) the hard/software calibration can be performed at all

    The checks would include the procedures highlighted in the FAQ sections among others, ie:
    a) deleting the calibration.txt files in the appdata/roaming folder “Sensoryx”
    b) making sure the infra LEDs work on both wrists (you can check with your smartphone in camera mode if you see a violet light in the transparent domes
    c) when opening both covers of the gloves can you see that all fingers are connected and sealed?
    d) that when pushing the calibration button the red light comes on

    Our Skype is “SwissSensoryx”. When’s a good time for you.
    You could also check a-d beforehand and let us know about those.
    Best regards,
    Team Sensoryx

    David Blaen

    Thanks for the offer.
    Well, they are back out of the box! Ran through all that list and I am now back to where I was before – demo working OK
    I think deleting the calibration files helped.
    Still got the jitter/ flickering in Steam Home — working on the bindings .
    Give me a few days but I might take you up on the Skype yet

    Best wishes


    Video on how to set up the VRfree system to use with X-Plane out now: VIDEO LINK
    We show and explain how to set up your VRfree® gloves to use in X-Plane in the above short video (<3 min).
    You need to set up the bindings in SteamVR and in X-plane - it's pretty simple.
    Let us know how you get on and how you like it! In-game calibration now also works!
    In case you lose your mouse in VR like we did: just map any key to toggle VR mouse activity and you have it back!
    Team Sensoryx

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    • This reply was modified 3 years ago by FWenner.
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