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Unreal Engine Plugin Crashes Unreal

Sensoryx Forums Getting started with VRfree® Unreal Engine Plugin Crashes Unreal


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    Hey VRFree team.
    I’ve successfully set up my gloves and was eager to get them integrated into a UE4 project but I’ve found that the Unreal Engine project available in your downloads section crashes Unreal engine when you open it. I also transferred the 3 plugins in the project folder to a fresh UE4 project, which also crashed. This is using UE4.21 on Windows. I’ve tried it on 2 separate PCs with the same result in both cases.

    Can you help please?


    Hi Tim – let us look into this and get back to you asap. I usually just ran the UVRFPlayground.uproject which didnt cause any crashes. Alternatively it should be possible to rebuild the project from the Visual Studio file (UVRFPlayground.sln), but I’ll ask our Unreal experts… Best, Team Sensoryx


    Hey Fabian. Thanks for the fast response. I found that doing a build in VS was failing but I just tried to rebuild-all first after which the build worked! Uproject file now opens in UE4 without crashing :D.
    For the benefit of others, the process I followed is:
    Open the VSL file in Visual studio
    In the Build Menu, select Rebuild All>UVRFPlayground
    Wait for it to rebuild,
    Then select Build>Build>UVRFPlayground

    That should do it.



    Hi Tim
    Thanks for the feedback and your findings. We’re glad it worked. If you have another Unreal question, you can get in touch with “Jan Horský” of Infinite Productions. They did the plugin since they are more familiar with Unreal than we are. I have sent you his details. Before I forget: the calibration in Unreal is done by pressing F6 / F7 respectively and the hand gesture / posture is different from the VRfree demo and Unity plugin… you’ll see.
    Best, Team Sensoryx

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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