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Spread the word (and the hardware) ─ how can we help?

Sensoryx Forums Frequently Asked Questions Spread the word (and the hardware) ─ how can we help?

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    So I received my VRFREEs, installed and calibrated them, tried all demos one after the other ─ what now? How can I ─ as a consumer and early adopter ─ help to make Sensoryx’s VRhands TNBTIV (THE NEXT BIG THING IN VR)? 😉
    I suggest: a dedicated thread where every user can submit apps that already work with the hands. Or apps they themselves have developed using one of the SDKs.
    I ask: What is the best practice to connect you with devs?
    Let’s say I loaded your kitchen demo, work at the sink with the water tabs and suddenly it comes to my mind that “BartenderVR” would be an ideal candidate for your Hands. Or I see that the ─ always top notch ─ devs of Aerofly FS2 have upgraded their mouse-clickable virtual cockpits to work with left and right Touch-controller hands, and I think those guys must be eager to integrate the VRhands, what shall we do? A mail to you, a post in the forum or may we contact the devs ourselves and suggest them to apply for one or two pairs of VRFREEs?


    Great idea – yes, absolutely! We will set this up in Facebook and mirror the key contributions here in a Forum Thread.
    You can also join the VR Developer Forum here:
    We are already ‘in touch’ with Aerofly through our friends at and hope to be able to present news on that front – just as with X-Plane, Flyinside and other Flightsims.
    Thanks for your contributions, suggestions and continued help!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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