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Reasonable expectations of accuracy?

Sensoryx Forums Getting started with VRfree® Reasonable expectations of accuracy?

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    Jochen Tuchbreiter

    Hi Guys,

    I received my gloves and am very happy with the overall experience so far – considering that it is a very young product. So good job! While setup was not exactly seemless I was able to find help and solve my issues quickly. I did the calibration multiple times according to the videos.

    Now I wonder: What is a reasonable expectation of the accuracy I should get? I wonder if any of the following things are due to bad calibration or of it is within the expected performance envelope:

    1. Right after calibrating the hands are in the calibration pose. If I play around for a few minutes and then put my hands back into the calibration pose I see some deviations – for example fingers not touching each other or colliding.
    2. When crossing the index fingers of both hands in reality the fingers are not on top of each other in VR.
    3. I put my hands on the table in front of me. In reality the writsts are equally distanced away from me and the fingers point in the same angle. However in VR the wrists and fingers point into slightly different directions – something like a 30 degree offset. Also they are not exactly the same distance.

    What I’m ultimately trying to achieve is to build myself a mixed reality flight sim where I have a real panel with real switches which exactly corresponds to the panel I see in VR. When my hands touch a switch on the panel in VR I want to touch the same switch in reality. Do you guys think that this should be possible with the current accuracy or is it something for future revisions of hard/software?

    Thanks 🙂


    Hello Jochen
    Thank you for your message/inquiry. The setup of a mixed reality flight simulator that you detailed is exactly what we are targeting as well ( and while the overall precision is not perfect yet, it should definitely be better than what you are describing:
    1. The hands should remain in the same relative position to each other in which you calibrated them. Do you notice any kind of slight drifting when you hold the hands very still? A slow drift could be caused by either the headmount- or the glove- calibration (gyroscope- and magnetometer)^.
    2. Try the in-game calibration (“software”-calibration) again. This >should< work. 3. Same as 2. please try the in-game calibration ("software"-calibration) again by really aligning the hands in the exact same position as in VR (make sure to also align your thumbs down to your hands). We'd be really interested in helping you (and all other backers) with progressing your project of setting up such a cockpit. Please keep us in the loop and keep on asking questions. We're there to help! Best, Team Sensoryx

    Jochen Tuchbreiter

    Thank you for the kind reply. I have tried the full calibration again after removing all .txt-files in C:\Users\*MyUserName*\AppData\Roaming\Sensoryx. Unfortunately no luck – now the fingers are twitching and drifting. The good news is that the wrist tracking seems solid. As per I will try the whole calibration again in the next few days.

    One thing that I find strange: In the Head Module Offset calibration the description talks about a white dot in VR I should match to the wrist module of right hand in reality. However I only see a black/grayish dot. I’m doing my best to match this one, although the wrist module is pretty wide so I don’t know which part to aim for – therefore I aimed for the center. Maybe I need to aim for the dome where the IR LED resides?


    I see, that’s odd. If the fingers are twitching and drifting it’s almost always a sign of the gyroscope calibration gone wrong (short press on the calibration button while keeping the glove still), so it should be quickly fixable.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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