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Am I bound to the chosen size forever?

Sensoryx Forums Frequently Asked Questions Am I bound to the chosen size forever?

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    In the campaign I choose “M” vor my size and when I finally got my gloves my hands had already grown since. Just kidding! The “M” is a perfect fit for me, but I want to give the gloves to a friend with considerably larger hands (he’d need an “L”). We are afraid we could damage the gloves irreparably when just using force. It looks to me you might have thought of this case, because your gloves are “modular” with sticky stripes. Or is that just for friendly maintenance and repair?
    Anyway, is it possible to make a lowcost sidegrade to another than the chosen size? In our context I’m tempted to say that my friend is a “handy man”, especially electronics wise.


    Hello Christian
    Apologies for the late reply: you want to change your glove size? Not a problem!
    Just send us the gloves or drop them in our letterbox at Förrlibuckstrasse 30 and we’ll fit the electronics into a size “L”!
    Best regards,
    Team Sensoryx

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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