For Unity & Windows 10:

Once you have received your system, please download the following:

  • the STM ComPort Driver as zip here:  STM_ComPort_driver (install and run)
  • the VRfree® Setup program as zip (install and execute first!): VRfree® Setup
  • the VRfree® Demo zip file here: VRfree® Demo  (0.5 GB !) ... this is where the fun starts.


These downloads are more for developers:


OpenVR plugin:

Download the >OpenVR plugin here<  (last updated: 22 May 2019).
Unpack the zip file and run setup.exe. During the setup, make sure to point the installer to the correct Steam installation path!

If the above version doesn't work for you and you encounter errors, please try this alternative zip-file plus .exe here: 
Alternative OpenVR_VRplugin.
Once downloaded and extracted, you can run the setup.exe and then – once finished – run the file: ..\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers\sensoryx\adddriver.bat !

The plugin will make you able to see your hands in any SteamVR game. There is also a virtual touch interface that provides the touchpad, menu, and system buttons that are on the Vive wands. You can calibrate the hand pose at any time by looking up at the calibrate sign, just like in the VRfree Setup and Demo.

- Will this work with game [...]?

This is still an early version of the plugin, and we couldn't test it with too many games yet, but give it a try and tell us how it went!

- I've installed the plugin, but nothing changed when I start SteamVR.

Make sure you entered the correct Steam path during the installation. check if there's a folder "sensoryx" in "\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\drivers".

- I'm in the game and see my hands, but can't interact with anything.

You'll have to bind the VRfree controller actions to the game. Check out this guide from Valve on how to do this. You can also check out our video instructions for SuperHot and I expect you to die to see how the gloves are set up in those 2 games.

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