DCS use via our OpenVR plugin

Here you will learn how to set up the VRfree® gloves for DCS via our OpenVR plugin which renders the virtual hands utilizing SteamVR. This is one of two options that you currently have. Please note that: 

  • ⊖ This option only works with some DCS models
  • ⊖ It does not have fully articulated fingers, but you can freely move your hands around
  • ⊕ You can use the index fingertips of both hands to interact with controls/switches (instead of having to use the laser beams) which we deem more immersive and realistic (status quo June 2021).


The demo videos (of the F18 and the Ka-50) were filmed using our OpenVR plugin and the standalone DCS game (not the SteamVR DCS sim), while rendering the gloves over SteamVR.

Here is a simple video setup guide: VRfree gloves setup for DCS World Beta 2.7

Step 1: As with the other SteamVR games, make sure to switch off your VR controllers before startin the game. With some controllers you have to remove the batteries to achieve that. When you then switch on your VRfree headmodule and your gloves you should only see this.

Step 2a: If you are using a "SteamVR headset" ie one that natively renders through SteamVR like the Vive/VivePro/Cosmos, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality then you can just start DCS directly as you normally would (ie the non-SteamVR DCS World OpenBeta file". That will automatically start SteamVR which will also start our OpenVR plug-in which you then need to enable here .

Step 2b: If you have an Oculus headset you need this program here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/134493-the-dcs-updater-gui-utility and you need to change the settings to have Oculus render to your Oculus through >SteamVR< to enable glove interaction by making this selection . Finally: very important: you must launch the game through this button on the GUI otherwise DCS won't render through SteamVR despite you having selected it in the GUI menu below. 

Step 3: In DCS, please use the in-game settings “Use Hand Controllers” as in this picture. Please do not enable the VRfree gloves in the "Special" tab of the DCS Options. This tab is utilized by the native use option that we describe here

With this option, you will be able to use the index fingers of both hands to control switches, buttons, rotary knobs, levers (for rotary knob control hold the index finger on the knob and make a trigger gesture). The fingers will not be animated and you won't be able to control the joystick or throttle with the virtual hands only yet (you will have a HOTAS to control stick and throttle anyways). 

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