DCS use via ED’s native integration of VRfree®

Here you will learn how to set up the VRfree® gloves for DCS via the native integration of ED. This is one of two options that you currently have. Please note that: 

  • ⊕ This option works with all DCS models
  • ⊕ It does have fully articulated fingers and you can freely move your hands around
  • ⊖ You will use the laserbeam and both hands' index finger trigger gesture to interact with the cockpit controls/switches (status quo June 2021). 


The setup is really simple. You won't even need the VRfree OpenVR plugin, just have your VRfree headmodule set up on your headset and switch it on as well as the gloves.  

Step 1: In DCS in the "VR" menu, please disable the in-game settings “Use Hand Controllers” as in this picture.

Step 2: Then in the "Special" menu, please enable the VRfree gloves, select "Index bending" and enable "Arm visible" as shown in this picture.

That's it! 

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