VRfree® – FAQ VRfree® version 2

Please note everything on this webpage relates to our VRfree® system generation 2, not the generation 1!
To understand what type of system you have please check this link.

General checklist to troubleshoot

The fingers are twitching or hand is drifting

The hands are visible but not reactive to input

Some fingers are not moving at all

Hardware calibration

Handpose calibration

Headmodule mount for PIMAX

System Requirements for VRfree®

With the current SDK available under Sensoryx/Downloads you will need a PC running Windows 10, 64bit.

  1. If you are using a PC setup: Is your VRfree® Headmount connected to the PC via the supplied USB-A to USB-C cable? - If not, connect it.
  1. Are your Headmount and Wristmodules transmitting on the same frequency? - Check that all frequency LEDs have exactly the same colour (ie all blue, all red, all green). If they don't, cycle through the frequencies with the respective button (showing an "F").
  1. Are your Wristmodules sending data? - Hold your ear to the transparent domes of each of the Wristmodules and check if you can hear a faint buzzing sound. If you can, then the transducers are working. If you can't hear the transducer buzzing, then that wristmodule is on the wrong frequency. Press the "Frequency (F)" button (middle button on your wristmodule) until you can hear the sound.

Fingers are twitching or drifting


If your fingers in VR are twitching or drifting, please go through the following steps 

1) A few simple preliminary checks:

  • Please carefully remove the glove cable and clean the cable's connector.
  • Next please clean Wristmodule socket by blowing air into it and by taking a flat screwdriver of the right size to clean the socket contacts.
  • Make sure the wristmodule's battery has sufficient power.
  • Make sure you haven’t touched anything magnetic just before. If you have, briefly switch the wristmodule off and on.

2) Perform a "Headmodule IMU calibration" in the VRfree Setup. 

Start the VRfree Setup tool and select "Headmodule IMU calibration" from the menu. Connect your headmodule to the PC, make sure it does not contain a battery and make sure it is safely mounted on your VR headset.

Step 1 (headmodule gyroscope calibration): Put the VRfree headmodule with the headset with on a steady surface, power it on and click «Calibrate». -> see Video.

Step 2 (headmodule magnetometer calibration): Take the headset plus headmodule in your hands, hold it away from any strong magnetic sources or solid metal materials and start the calibration procedure by turning the headset plus headmodule as shown in this Video.

3) Perform a "Glove IMU calibration".

Step 1 (green USB adapter): Find the green USB adapter that came with your box, connect it to your PC and the other end to the long USB-A to USB-C cable, connect the USB-C end to your glove's wristmodule. -> see Video

Step 2 (wristmodule gyroscope calibration): Put the glove on a steady surface and power it on. Press "Calibrate" -> see Video.

Step 3 (wristmodule magnetometer calibration): For this next step it is important to not swing around the glove in too large a sphere and to not have the glove's fingers flip around uncontrollably. Put the glove into a magazine or a thin book to stabilize them, hold it away from you and press calibrate. Then begin to move the glove around in a small, confined sphere, moving yourself around it as you go. -> see Video.

After this you may have to do the "handpose calibration" in-game >a few times< to get the best representation of your hands in VR.

4) Find the folder: "C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Sensoryx" and delete the files:

  • VRfreeCalibrationL.txt
  • VRfreeCalibrationR.txt

After that please try the above calibration again.

5) If none of the above has helped, please get in touch with the Sensoryx Team.

Hands are not reactive to input

If you can see your hands, but they don't react to any input:

1) Make sure the wristmodules and headmodule are all switched and the wristmodules have sufficient battery power. 

2) Make sure the wristmodules and headmodule are on the same frequency (LED colour).

3) Make sure the gloves' cables are correctly connected to the wristmodules.

4) Find the folder: "C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Roaming\Sensoryx" and delete the files:

  • VRfreeCalibrationL.txt
  • VRfreeCalibrationR.txt

After that please try the above calibration again.

5) If the above didn't help, please go through the troubleshooting checklist

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