The VRfree® system consists of a pair of lightweight, fingertipless gloves and a HMD module that you clip onto your headset (Oculus, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality or similar).

The system is composed of multiple complementary sensor types that are fully integrated into the gloves and HMD mount. It allows users to fully track their hands and fingers in 3D space – without any other 3rd party tracking device. The system does not require any other external references like cameras or beacons.

VRfree Headmodule

VRfree gloves

Key technical features comprise high update frequency (120Hz, 8ms) from hand to HMD, truly mobile operation, high pin-point accuracy, unobtrusive lightweight form factor, tracking hands beyond your field of view, multi-user capability and long battery life. All of which makes for superior immersion of you, the user.

« There are VR gloves out there that track and capture your fingers but not their position in 3D. To track the position in 3D space users currently have to strap controllers to their arms which in turn are linked to a stationary device. That is not only inconvenient for players, it restricts their mobility. »

Multiple sensor types and a modular design eliminate the need for external references. This makes the Sensoryx system:

  • more immersive
  • more intuitive
  • more convenient
  • more precise
  • and mobile

System features:

  • Superior immersion given you're able to freely use your hands
  • Truly mobile, no stationary external references required
  • Unobtrusive sensors yielding high comfort of use

  Comprehensive 10-finger tracking = intuitive interaction

  Low latency + high refresh rate = Real-time gesture tracking

Tracking hands beyond your field of view

  Millimeter-scale precision= enhanced sense of presence

  Wireless and portable 3D positioning = total freedom

   Multi-user capability

  Small size and lightweight

  Low power consumption


  Compatible with HTC Vive/Focus, Oculus Rift/Quest, WMR (HP, Samsung...), MS Hololens 2.

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