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Some early experimentation, and a possible issue:

Sensoryx Forums Getting started with VRfree® Some early experimentation, and a possible issue:

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    I decided to record some footage of the setup, and running through the demo. You can see some of the issues I had, but I also talked about some of the things I liked:

    I’ve also found what might be at least part of the problem for me: It looks like the lens on the headmount might have a crack? I’d imagine that could screw up any optical tracking pretty easily.

    Lens Crack Maybe?

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    Hi Setsune
    Thanks for supporting VRfree and also thanks for recording your experience and the issues. Let’s fix them!

    1) Can we first exclude that the finger issues are hardware related? – Can you open the textile cover on the glove with the non-responding fingers and see if they are connected? – In case they are disconnected we need to give you specific advice (actually you could just glue them back into place but we can tackle that separately).
    2) From your video it’s obvious that both hands need further hard- and software calibration. This is DEFINITELY how they are supposed to look in action!
    a) Take one of the gloves with connected wrist module, put it on a non-metal surface and power it on.
    b) Press the smallest button labeled «C» for a short time -> you should see a red light come up in the LED and disappear after a second. You may not be able to see it well if you are on a blue/violet/red frequency.
    c) Take the glove in your hands and press the «C» button for a longer time until the red light stays on and remains visible. Make sure you can really see it and it stays on. Then start with the calibration procedure ie turning the glove while turning on your own axis. Once done, press «C» again to exit the calibration mode. The red light in the LED should disappear.
    After that you’ll have to do the software calibration in game (looking up to the “Calibrate” text”) to get a 1:1 representation of your hands.

    If the lens has indeed a crack then that will be a problem, yes. I cannot really tell from the photo as it’s not very focused but if you can see a crack, then you’ll need to send the headmount back to us. We’ll exchange it (backer bonus). Could you maybe send us a more focused picture beforehand so we can determine if it’s broken?

    Thanks – let us know about any progress with any of the above steps!



    I don’t think the fingers are disconnected, as I could get them to work, just not in the way they always should. As far as I can tell they seem to be connected to the main board.

    I’ve done the calibration a ton of times already. All of the steps with the headmodule and hands. Even did the printout and matched up my fingers and palm.

    Apologies for the blurry photos; I had some trouble getting my phone to focus.



    Hello Setsune
    Thanks for the picture. Yes, the lens is definitely cracked. We will replace the headmount. Can you send it back to:
    Sensoryx AG
    Förrlibuckstrasse 30
    8005 Zürich
    We’ll replace it as soon as possible.
    Can you remember if it was cracked from the very beginning when you opened the box? Was the package itself broken or squished? Had someone opened it? Thank you!
    Team Sensoryx

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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