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General Announcement (FW_0.1 DLL_0.1)

Sensoryx Forums VRfree Development Roadmap (Firmware and Software updates) General Announcement (FW_0.1 DLL_0.1)

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    So, you are holding the first version of the glove in your hands (firmware version 0.1 and DLL 0.1). Thanks for your support!
    The development of the glove is not finished, yet! We are working on improving the firmware (yes, you will receive firmware updates soon!) and one big task is to improve the software, i.e. the driver side on your computer.

    For those that have difficulties with software calibration: the next driver will have an improved software calibration routine that both makes it easier to calibrate and the results will be more accurate and stable.

    If you have specific requests, please post it below.




    Problems and requests for improvement:The frequency is changed at the same time as pressing the calibration button

    I attempted to set up VRfree, When pressing the calibration button on the left hand side,
    At the same time, the frequency is changed and calibration can not be executed.
    (I think that the right hand side was successful)

    When I open the lid of the wrist module,
    The calibration button and the frequency button were made up of one part.
    It is probably the cause of the interference of the two buttons,
    I think this is a matter of hard design.
    Also, the exposed cord extending from the glove is fragile, and there is concern about durability.

    Those produced in the future, I hope these problems will be improved.

    I think that these problems probably can not be handled by myself.
    (It may be possible to solve it by cutting the part where the two buttons are connected, but it could destroy the hard)

    I would like you to replace the product if possible, is it possible?

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    Thank you Ketama for query: Since you will perform the hardware calibration only a few times, it doesn’t really matter if the frequency changes with it.
    We did check all the wrist modules, so you should be able to calibrate the wrist module:

    1. Take one of the gloves with connected wrist module, put it on a non-metal surface and power it on.
    2. Press the smallest button labeled «C» for a short time -> you should see a red light come up in the LED and disappear after a second. You may not be able to see it well if you are on a blue/violet/red frequency (you can change the frequency even when in calibration mode).
    3. Take the glove in your hands and press the «C» button for a longer time until the red light stays on and remains visible. Make sure you can really see it and it stays on. Then start with the calibration procedure ie turning the glove while turning on your own axis. Once done, press «C» again to exit the calibration mode. The red light in the LED should disappear.

    After that you’ll just have to do the software calibration in game to get a 1:1 representation of your hands.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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