System Demos

VRfree System Demos:

Sensoryx’ VRfree glove lets you interact naturally and freely with VR. The combination of different, complementary sensor types eliminates drift, increases precision and avoids occlusion.

Our system captures the movement of your whole body on the spot and in real-time. Our system is compatible with PC and Android and it is truly mobile – for a future in which your phone is increasingly the center of the game.

Virtual reality is a medium without limits. Without the ability to actually engage in the VR environment in an intutive, natural way, however, it's hard to make the argument that it is truly virtual reality. 

At Sensoryx it is our vision to fundamentally revolutionize the way we interact with VR – whether by PC or smartphone. In order to maximize immersion the user's movement and interaction needs to be as close to real-life as possible. The precision of the VRfree® glove already gives you the ability to play the piano in VR.

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