VRfree® – FAQ

System Requirements for VRfree®

With the current SDK available under Sensoryx/Downloads you will need a PC running Windows 10, 64bit, but we will add support for other platforms over the next few months.

  1. If you are using a PC setup: Is your VRfree® Headmount connected to the PC via the supplied USB-A to USB-C cable? - If not, connect it. If it was connected, disconnect and reconnect it.
  1. Are the fingercables connected to the sockets of their corresponding Wristmodule? - Make sure they are correctly connected. See here.
  1. Are your Headmount and Wristmodules transmitting on the same frequency? - Check that all frequency LEDs have exactly the same colour (ie all blue, all red, all green). If they don't, cycle through the frequencies with the respective button (showing an "F").
  1. Are your Wristmodules sending data? - Hold your ear to the transparent domes of each of the Wristmodules and check if you can hear a faint buzzing sound. If you can, then the transducers are working. If you can't hear the transducer buzzing, then that wristmodule is on the wrong frequency. Press the "Frequency (F)" button until you can hear the sound.

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