We offer freedom of movement in VR

With our wearable, unobtrusive sensor system we set out to revolutionize mass market motion capturing and its use for Virtual Reality Applications.

Our system is completely mobile, very precise, real-time and allows you to interact naturally with the virtual environment by using your hands, your feet, your whole body.

We use multiple sensor types and do not rely on external references such as stationary cameras to determine full 3D mapping of the user’s movements.

Unleash your true self in Virtual Reality.

Scrap your controllers.

Forget external cameras.

Think mobile.

Think Sensoryx.

Let’s take the VR dream to another level!

You are motion.
VR motion.


Multiple sensor types and a modular design eliminate the need for external references. This makes the Sensoryx system:

  • more immersive
  • more intuitive
  • more convenient
  • more precise
  • and mobile



Our system features:

Super low latency = real-time gesture tracking

Tracking hands beyond your field of view

No controllers = superior immersion

High accuracy = enhanced sense of presence

Comprehensive 10-finger tracking = intuitive interaction

Wireless and portable 3D positioning = total freedom

Unobtrusive sensors = high comfort

No stationary external references = Truly mobile

Multi-user capability

Wireless, Bluetooth pairing

Compatible with GearVR, HTC, Oculus, Google Cardboard and more

Small size and lightweight

Very high refresh rate

Millimeter-scale precision

Low power consumption



We are a Swiss technology startup, founded by an ETH and a HSG alumnus.

Our state-of-the-art sensor system not only captures every movement of its wearer with utmost precision in real-time, it also does so without using external references (stationary cameras or laser beacons).

IMU-only motion capture systems suffer from ‘drift’, an accumulated measurement error, as the system continually adds changes to its previously-calculated position thus accruing small errors at each measurement. This leads to ‘drift’, an ever-increasing difference between where the system thinks it is located, and the actual location.

Sensoryx combines different sensor types thereby eliminating IMU-inherent drift. Learn more about how Sensoryx technology is different.


It is our goal to fundamentally revolutionize the way we interact with VR – whether by PC or smartphone.

Our system already offers:

  • more convenience
  • better immersion
  • more intuitive use and
  • higher precision

for the user.

Sensoryx’ motion capture system lets you interact naturally and freely with VR.

The combination of different, complementary sensor types eliminates drift, increases precision and avoids occlusion.

Our system captures the movement of your whole body on the spot and in real-time. No bulky, obtrusive controllers, no stationary cameras or other external references. Our system is compatible with PC and Android and it is truly mobile – for a future in which your phone is increasingly the center of the game.



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